Very knowledgeable, honest and super friendly

I started bringing my car here a few years ago. They are very knowledgeable, honest and super friendly! My car is always fixed fast and the bill is always lower then I think it'll be. I think the first time I had brought my car in, it was having electrical problems - my car alarm would go off, the door would unlock/lock and the over head light would turn on/off all randomly and it kept killing my battery. Of course the car acted fine when I brought it in, but they actually believed me and did their best to figure it out. They weren't sure it was fixed since they couldn't get my car to do anything I was saying it was doing so they only charged me for the part they replaced! Ended up being a bigger issue (still would have needed to replace the one part) but even that still cost way less then I thought it would! My whole family has started bringing their cars here. Thanks for helping me keep my car alive! You really are awesome!
Jacqueline B.