Customer Reviews

This auto repair shop is the very best I have encountered. Their work is excellent and I have never had to return my car for rework. Appointments are honored in a timely fashion. My car is a 2004 Honda Civic and Ed has keep this car in excellent running condition for quite a number of years. I can only thank Ed and his wife for the fantastic service for many years. I will never take my car anywhere else. Their prices are fair and they service my car as well as my daughter's and grandson's cars. Thanks for everything Awesome, see you soon!
Jaunese M Gillespie
Great mechanics, straight forward, very helpful.
Tony Allday
After arriving from California, I needed a mechanic. My son had been to Awesome and sent me there. My Toyota warranty was just up and I refused to pay dealer prices. This is where it all started. Awesome Automotive is more than just a place to take your car for repairs, it is a Family business. To say they do a great job is an understatement. To say the pricing is fair is another understatement. To say the pride they take in the work they perform is wonderful is, yep, an understatement. I'd like to know what mechanic you've been to where you can leave your credit card number and not worry about theft? Awesome is where! Myself, my son and my 85 year old mother all go to Awesome and will NEVER go anywhere else. You have a mechanic you've been going to for years you say? You are looking for a mechanic that does real work and doesn't over charge? You are looking for a Family environment with ethical work? I suggest you make a trip to Awesome and see what Ed and his wife are all about. Thanks to both of you, for everything. Your lifetime customer. Harry's Mom :0)
Kathryn Bates
Drove in to visit family for Thanksgiving and the car started making noises Tuesday. Brought it in the next morning and they had it fixed by the end of the day. Very friendly and even checked in with us a week later to make sure all was still well.
Lexi Dokter
I was interested in purchasing a vehicle in the area and requested an independent 3rd party inspection. I read the reviews and chose Awesome Automotive. Spoke with Ed and could not have been happier. Was a thorough inspection and great price.
Daniel Estes
Needed an inspection on a car I was going to look at on a Saturday. I called them Thursday and was able to get the car inspected right away. They called me and messaged me keeping me informed through the entire process. They went above and beyond my expectations which allowed me to be confident purchasing my dream car.
Bill Titus
The staff at Awesome are a very friendly, fair and honest group. Sitting on the fence of keeping or getting rid of my 90s Toyota that I enjoy driving to this day, I decided to get a quote from them based on recommendations about their very competitive pricing, customer service, and my preference to support small business. The car had a massive oil leak, so I knew it would be costly. They took great care in finding all of the potential leaks and changed the timing belt for an excellent price that wasn't as bad as I had thought. The car now is running great , fun to drive again, and holds off car payments for what I hope to be a long time. Thank you Awesome Automotive.
Dan Sliwinski
Take all of my vehicles there for big or small jobs! Great service.
Michael Piarowski
The name surpasses the performance provided by this shop! I have been using him for 4yrs and the service is spectacular! The knowledge of the mechanics & owner is outstanding! I wouldnt take my car to anyone else, this is the best kept secret in the south suburb! Thanks you for being honest & awesome!
Anthony B.
The customer service experience is wonderful! The servicemen are hometown auto body mechanics who do fair and honest work. My family has been bringing our cars for many years and will continue to do so! So much better than any experience at a dealetship, better prices too!
Kara Zuro